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Maghreb Minerals: Productivity in North Africa

 Maghreb Minerals: Productivity in North Africa

The Adviser Mag– Tunisie– Written by Alison Withers & produced by Alex Smith

Executive Chairman Gordon Riddler tells us that as Maghreb Minerals moves towards production, it is finding that Tunisia is proving to be a happy hunting ground.

Maghreb Minerals Executive Chairman Gordon Riddler, 63, has a 40-year track record in exploration, mining and project evaluation and has held senior posts with Gold Fields Ltd and Rio Tinto plc. He was appointed head of Minerals Group at the British Geological Survey in 1993 in charge of Technology innovation and information dissemination programmes. He has also been associated with MIRO, the Mineral Industry Research Organisation since the mid-1970s and stepped down as its Executive Director in 2005. He is a visiting professor in the Energy and Resources Research Institute, at the University of Leeds, UK. He is a founder member of Maghreb Minerals, which bought all the rights to properties in Tunisia from Consolidated Global Minerals in exchange for shares, then raised a further £2.56 million before starting trading on the London Stock Exchange’s Subsidiary arm AIM (Alternative Investment Market) just before Christmas 2004. Maghreb Minerals has agreements and rights over three past-producing lead zinc mines in Tunisia , as well as exploration rights over 9 other permits. Maghreb Minerals holds twelve exploration permits in Tunisia , three of which cover past producing mines. Gordon Riddler reports: “Five permits result from recent applications covering areas which we discovered to be of real interest and significant potential, and were granted officially in January 2007. Since then we have been going flat out with our work programmes, particularly verification and evaluation drilling at the former Zriba-Guebli fluorite mine...”

Source:Energy Exec http://www.ukenergydigital.co.uk

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