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Tunisia : New “Low-cost” Company to be launched in Tunisia

New “Low-cost” Company to be launched in Tunisia



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According the Office of the Civil Aviation and Airports in Tunisia (TCAA), a new airline company could be launched in the country in an immediate future. The airline company carrying the logo “SBA Tunisia” has already obtained an agreement for its creation and has formally applied for "Accord de Principe" with the TCAA. The company is currently awaiting acquiescence from the governmental agency.


According to the site of SBA, the company will raise the level of the industry through offering the best of services, entertainment, and suitability.


The company's officials chose the town of Hammamet to shelter the registered office expecting, in this context, the future opening of the airport of Enfidha . A Website has been created recently and the company has started to publish job offers.


SBA Tunisia was created jointly by Tunisian Sami El Aouini, Chief Executive Director, and by Swedish Bejae Taylor, Head of the company. SBA Tunisia has announced on its site that it will be the first “low-cost” company in the North African country.


The category of this company is gaining a real success everywhere in the world taking into consideration the reduced prices. Certain airports do not hesitate to create a zone which is especially dedicated to low-cost. The secrecy of the reduced prices lies in the search for exploitative economies carried out on the level of services.


It is accordingly obvious that the passenger will not enjoy free gastronomical meals and that the slightest buffet will have to be paid. Space cabin is occupied to its maximum. The reservations are made by Internet. It is in this way that the operating parameters are optimized to bid low prices. However, the parameters of safety measures remain the same for all the companies in the world.


SBA Tunisia will use exclusively A320 and A321 airbus models aiming hence at acquiring large transport aircrafts (Planes capable of carrying between 70 and 200 passengers. The planes able to carry more than 400 passengers open the category of the very large transport aircrafts.)


SBA Tunisia will be able to connect Tunis to New York, Montreal, Johannesburg, Bombay, Shanghai, St Petersburg, Nairobi, and Stockholm . At the outset, the new company will serve destinations like Lagos, Nice, Manchester, Warsaw, and Amsterdam .




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