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Tunisia wheat sales rising

Tunisia wheat sales rising



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France expects its soft wheat sales to Tunisia to increase by 15.4 per cent to 150,000 tonnes in the 2007/2008 season versus the previous period, a French industry official said.


'We hope to bring soft wheat exports to Tunisia to about 150,000 tonnes in 2007/08 versus 130,000 in the previous season,' said Yann Lebeau, an official from France Export Cereales.


The country needs to import at least 600,000 tonnes of soft wheat per year to feed its 10 million population even in a good crop year.


France exported 130,000 tonnes of soft wheat to Tunisia in  2006/2007.


Lebeau cited competitive prices in the Black Sea market as one of the reason behind France 's lacklustre performance in the North African country in 2006/2007.


France used to export between 400,000 and 500,000 tonnes of soft wheat per year to the North African country before Black Sea exporters began penetrating the market in the late 1990s.


'Production systems in Russia or Ukraine cannot be compared to the ones in Europe, including France . There is a difference between production costs. We can neither produce nor sell at the same price,' Lebeau stressed.


Tunisia needs imports to make up for a domestic crop shortfall as its cereals harvest swung between 0.4 million tonnes and a record 2.9 million tonnes, depending on the weather.


Source http://www.tradearabia.com


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