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Land Rover's New Defender marks historic milestone

Land Rover's New Defender marks historic milestone  

The Adviser Mag – Tunisia- S.Cherif

6e82a86e1bf6673816b04f02e28750f2.jpgLaunched nearly sixty years ago, Defender is a vehicle whose form truly reflects its function. It is trusted implicitly to deliver in the world's toughest conditions and is a pure reflection of the brand's versatile character.

f5bcf4544c30f7e3fc40639f163a934e.jpgSales for this product have remained strong year after year and to date 1.9 million vehicles have been produced and sold in 130 countries worldwide. North Africa continues to be major contributor to this success, where the product is seen as symbol of extraordinary strength, robust spirit and exceptional capability. Adding to this product's functional appeal, Land Rover has recently introduced the new 2007 model that comes equipped with a series of evolutionary upgrades reinforcing this model's unique positioning and increased desirability. Land Rover celebrated the recent arrival of this new model upgrade in the North African markets by inviting its valued dealers and customers to an exciting launch event. Participating markets included Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Morocco .

The exclusive programme was designed to provide Land Rover importers and clientele an opportunity to put to test the capability of the New Defender in the diverse terrains of Marrakech covering the snow-covered Atlas mountains and sandy desert dunes of the Sahara desert. Adding to all the adventure, the trip included a taste of traditional living and a visit to historic sights, getting acquainted with village life, meeting local inhabitants, experiencing the various cultures, while covering diverse terrains along the scenic countryside of Morocco . The event provided a perfect platform for customers and importers to experience the luxury, comfort and performance of the New Defender for 2007 in a truly unique setting that echoed the brand's adventure spirit.

Since the current model's introduction in 2002, Defender has consistently sold an average of 25,000 units a year worldwide. Retail and utility customers, armed forces and NGOs in over 100 countries value Defender's class-leading blend of towing and load-carrying versatility, alongside the vehicle's extraordinary strength, robustness and capability. The unique combination of these attributes helps account for the model's exceptionally high standards of customer loyalty. Speaking on the model's success and arrival of the new 2007 upgrade, Badreiddine Mansouri, Regional Director of Land Rover Africa and Pakistan, said, 'We're building on Defender's success with a package of improvements that will extend its off-road abilities even further, while transforming on-road refinement and comfort. These changes represent a significant vote of confidence in a product which is the foundation of Land Rover's reputation for off-road excellence; we believe these enhancements will win the hearts and minds of new and existing customers alike.' The New Defender comes equipped with a 2.4 litre, four cylinder engine that draws a major step forward in terms of refinement and driveability. Based on a cast-iron block, the engine features an alloy, 16-valve cylinder head with Denso common rail fuel injection which reduces combustion noise dramatically. Other features include a new GFT MT 82 six-speed gearbox that provides a much wider ration spread than before, which makes towing easy both on and off-road. The increased engine torque also helps in-gear acceleration. Changes to the vehicle exterior have been kept to a minimum to sustain the iconic design character. Every line and surface is linked to the vehicle's extraordinary capability. But the interior now offers more versatility, is more robust and is functionally superior. Defender's new facia is based on a single, large moulding supported on a robust steel rail to help eliminate squeaks and rattles. In-car entertainment systems have been upgraded to take advantage of Defender's improved refinement. For the first time, high-mounted tweeters are available in Defender and work in conjunction with the new speaker installation for significantly improved clarity and sound reproduction. An auxillary/ MP3 audio input socket is also available. The new facia houses an all-new heating and ventilation system. Cabin airflow is up almost 50%, with new aluminium plate and fin heat exchangers helping deliver impressive performance. In cold weather, the heater warms the cabin 40 per cent quicker than before and can achieve cabin temperatures a full 12°C higher. The air-conditioning system can cool the cabin in half the time of the old unit, and achieve cabin temperatures 7°C lower too. The addition of side window demist vents helps maintain visibility whatever the weather.

Seating is also comprehensively improved. New, taller front seats are designed to improve back support and head restraint ergonomics. Robust, more supportive second row seats are introduced too. 110 Station Wagon and 130 Crew Cab models can comfortably accommodate three occupants on a new, asymmetrically-split second row seat. A spring-assisted fold mechanism helps when folding the seats for carrying large or awkward loads. Defender 90 Station Wagon second row occupants benefit from a pair of individual, full-size, forward-facing rear seats. Providing significantly increased comfort and space over the outgoing model, these seats are also available as a third row option on the 110 Station Wagon. Accessed either through the rear door or by folding the second row seats, they can be easily stowed sideways in the loadspace. Seat trims include durable all-vinyl and cloth specifications; a half-leather option is also available to add a touch of luxury to the new cabin. Three-point safety belts are specified for all seating positions. Upgraded sound insulation, the common rail engine's excellent combustion control and the significantly higher top gear all contribute to a substantial overall improvement in cabin refinement. More capable than ever before, the New 2007 Defender offers unmatched performance and supreme capability in its class and is engineered to inspire driver confidence and passenger comfort over a wide variety of conditions and surfaces.From Press release

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