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Cegid Group launches first international competence centre in Tunisia

Tunisia: Cegid Group launches first international competence centre in Tunisia

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Cegid.jpgThe European Company of Management by Distributed Computing (Cegid), leading provider of enterprise applications, launched, on Wednesday in Tunis, the first competence center at the international level, in partnership with two Tunisian partners: Timsoft and Nexus Group, exclusive distributors of Cegid products.

Cegid bases its knowledge on dematerialisation of documents and design of computer applications used in accounting, human resources management, employees payroll, taxation, industry and trade.

Several Tunisian companies operating, among others, in textile and distribution have adopted expertise of Cegid.

 Patrick Bertrand, Director-General of International Cegid Competence Centre, said the centre's mission is to help improve performance of Tunisian public and private enterprises and adjust computing to their specific needs.

Cegid's offer has the advantage of encouraging good management practices, good governance and traceability of documents, so many goals which Tunisia, an emerging country and a promising market, plans to achieve through the promotion of e-government

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