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The International SPE Production and Operations Conference and Exhibition (POCE) takes place this year in the Europe, Middle East and Africa Region

The International SPE Production and Operations Conference and Exhibition (POCE) takes place this year in the Europe, Middle East and Africa Region

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With a focus on reviewing and contributing to the enhancement of all aspects relating to oil and gas production and operations, the well established International SPE Production and Operations Conference and Exhibition (POCE) will be taking place this June in the EMEA region with the pertinent theme: Sustainable Oil and Gas for the Future: Meeting Technology Challenges.

POCE which takes place in Tunisia, 8–10 June will be a focal point for all international and regional production and operations experts; who will convene at this platform to examine and discuss new technological developments, services and products that contribute to the global growth of the industry.


The technical programme of the event was developed to strengthen the focus on production enhancement and optimisation and highlight major production and operations challenges during the current economical conditions. In addition to that, other enduring topics such as oilfield automation, processes, facilities, unconventional recovery and HSEQ will be addressed throughout the programme.


Khaled Becheikh, Conference Chairman, ETAP said: “The lack of technological advancements which results in the oil reserves deficiency worldwide means that oil and gas production is likely to go through a sluggish period in the foreseeable future. It is our challenge to overcome that by making every effort to optimise the production of the world’s most valuable commodity and POCE will definitely allow all its attendees to access a wealth of tacit and explicit technical and nontechnical knowledge about this discipline”.


Waleed Refaay, Managing Director SPE Middle East, North Africa and India said: “The international success of this conference strengthened its regional position, so in response to the demands of our members, it was ideal to bring this event to EMEA. This is an excellent opportunity to introduce oil and gas professionals in the EMEA region, and particularly in North Africa, to our portfolio of services and the kind of events we offer.”


With a clear objective of providing leading-edge technological knowledge, innovative solutions for various production and operations challenges and the highest standards of networking opportunities, the SPE Production and Operations Conference and Exhibition (POCE) taking place 8–10 June in Tunisia offers 14 technical sessions, 3 panel sessions entitled: “Project Financing and Development Strategies”, “Performance and Competency Management” and “New Technology Development: The Roles of Companies, Operators and Technology Facilitators”.

The event also offers a multi-purpose exhibition at which various oil and gas organisations will be present to showcase the various product lines and services.

POCE is held under the patronage of the Ministry of Industry and Technology in Tunisia, and sponsored by ETAP, BG Tunisia, Schlumberger, Lundin Tunisia and Petroleum Development Oman.

About SPE:


The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) is a not-for-profit professional association whose members are engaged in energy resources development and production. SPE serves 92,000-plus members from more than 117 countries worldwide. SPE is a key resource for technical knowledge related to the oil and gas exploration and production industry and provides services through its publications, conferences, workshops, forums, and member-service programmes.

SPE is the industry-acknowledged information source for books and technical journals composed of member-generated content and peer-reviewed papers. SPE’s website provides an immediate, global connection through its vast online library, distance learning courses, membership information, and online  communities. SPE has seven offices worldwide located in Calgary, Dallas, Dubai, Houston, Kuala Lumpur, London and Moscow. For more information, visit our website at www.spe.org

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